About Arts Administration

The Arts Administration degree program provides students the important skills needed to manage in today’s rapidly evolving arts and entertainment industry. In addition to theoretical studies in the classroom, students will have real-world experiences and practicums specifically designed to prepare for success in future arts management careers. The program provides an interdisciplinary curriculum jointly administered with the Art & Art History, Music, Theatre, and English Departments. The major is coordinated by Leah Hamilton, Director and Special Instructor of the Arts Administration program.

Leah Hamilton
Director of Arts Administration Program
Office: (417) 873-6359

Fall Semester Shows at Drury on C-Street

  • September 2014
    "Social Selves"
  • October 2014
    "Hemp and Pots- Grass and Trees"
  • November 2014
    "Design Matters SGF" in partnership with AIA Springfield
  • December 2014
    Synthia Saint James