Arts Administration Course Descriptions

100 Level Courses
AADM 101: Introduction to Arts Administration. 3 hours.

An introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of managing organizations and people in the arts-related professions. Awareness of the field, private and public arts agencies and an introduction to the functions of visual, performing and literary arts organizations.

200 Level Courses
AADM 284: Audience Connection. 2 hours.

A course designed to help music majors connect to an audience, in order to make music accessible, visceral and relevant. It will involve coaching on how to present music to adults and children and will debate the importance of music in our world using the media outlets available as well as other art forms.

AADM 290, 390, 490: Special Topics. 1-3 hours.

Selected Topics are courses of an experimental nature that provide students a wide variety of study opportunities and experiences. Selected Topics offer both the department and the students the opportunity to explore areas of special interest in a structured classroom setting. Selected Topics courses (course numbers 290, 390, 490) will have variable titles and vary in credit from 1-3 semester hours. Selected Topic courses may not be taken as a Directed Study offering.

AADM 291, 292, 391, 392, 491, 492: Research. 1-12 hours.

Many academic departments offer special research or investigative projects beyond the regular catalog offering. Significant responsibility lies with the student to work independently to develop a proposal for study that must be approved by a faculty mentor and the appropriate department chair. The faculty member will provide counsel through the study and will evaluate the student’s performance. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible. Students must register for research (291, 292, 391, 392, 491 or 492) to receive credit and are required to fill out a Permission to Register for Special Coursework form. It is recommended that students complete not more than 12 hours of research to apply toward the baccalaureate degree.

300 Level Courses
AADM 393: Arts Administration Practicum I. 3 hours.

Prerequisite: AADM 101ACCT 209COMM 231.
A practical course in organizational structure of on-campus arts programs and projects, audience and financial development, public relations and marketing and, most important, leadership concepts in arts organizations.

AADM 394: Arts Administration Practicum II. 3 hours.

Prerequisite:  AADM 393.
A continuation of AADM 393, this practical course will concentrate on audience and fund development. Extensive work will be conducted in grant research and writing and donor development.

AADM 397, 398, 497, 498: Internship. 3 hours.

Interns must have at least 60 credit hours, completed appropriate coursework and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 prior to registering for academic credit. Also, approval must be obtained from the student's faculty sponsor and required forms must be completed by the deadline. Note: *Architecture, Music Therapy and Education majors do not register internships through Career Planning & Development. These students need to speak with his/her advisor regarding credit requirements and options.

400 Level Courses
AADM 450: Arts Criticism. 3 hours.

Designed to help students develop criteria for judging works of art and performances and to match them with potential audiences. Coursework includes readings in arts criticism as well as critiques of current art events. Examples of projects include managing a box office, working in public relations and shadowing program planners, stage managers and gallery curators. The course will also look at public policy for the arts at the state and federal level. This meets the capstone requirements for Arts Administration Majors.

AADM 465: Cultural Policy. 3 hours.

An introduction to understanding and communicating the impact of arts and culture on public and organizational policy as well as community strategic planning. The course will prepare art students for the various processes in creating and sustaining vibrant arts organizations and communities including the study of cultural policy, strategic planning, and arts advocacy. This course has been approved as an Honors qualified course.

AADM 475: Stakeholder Development. 3 hours.

This course will prepare art administration students for the varied partnerships that arts managers must maintain in order to ensure the success of arts organizations. Students will consider, compare and contrast the delicate relationships that are necessary to lead creative organizations in an ever changing culture.