Art & Art History

Visual Communication Special Program

Visual communication is a 55-hour interdisciplinary program uniquely designed to meet the needs of students with an interest in pursuing a career in the graphic design and advertising fields.  Along with a solid graphic design curriculum a variety of specially designed courses in the business, behavioral science and communication departments will result in the completion of the visual communication program.  All students in this program take a specially prescribed course of study leading to a design arts major with the visual communication program indicated on the student’s transcript. 

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Design Arts Courses:
ARTZ 111: Foundations of Studio and Design
ARTZ 123: Drawing
ARTZ 210: Graphic Design I
ARTZ 267: Digital Photography I
ARTZ 303: Praxis Studio
ARTZ 310: Graphic Design II
ARTZ 311: Publication Design
ARTZ 313: Concept and Design
ARTZ 315: Posters: A Shout to the Eye
ARTZ 364: Commercial Photography
ARTZ 397/398, 497/498 Internship
ARTZ 496 Apex Studio

Art History Courses
Choose one of the following:
ARTH 151: History of Art & Architecture I
ARTH 152: History of Art & Architecture II
ARTH 350: Modern Art
ARTH 356: Contemporary Art
ARTH 360: History of Photography
ARTH 364: The Printed Book as Art and Artifact 1450-1850
ARTH 380 Field Studies: Art History

Behavioral Science Courses
Choose one of the following:
PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology

Business Courses:
MGMT 103: Business Foundations

Communication Courses:
COMM 231: Principles of Advertising and Public Relations
COMM 351: Principles of Persuasion and Influence
COMM 441: Advertising/PR Campaigns

In addition to the required courses, we recommend the following:
ARTZ 260: Photography I
ARTZ 290/390/490: Selected Topics
ARTZ 301/302, 401/402: Advanced Studio
ARTZ 360: Photography II
ARTZ 367: Digital Photography II
COMM 226: Multimedia Production I
COMM 386: Web Communication