Tom Parker

Professor Tom Parker is an Emeritus Professor of Art and Art History, and for 18 years the Art Department Chair at Drury University. Parker has has been with Drury University since 1980. He has taught a wide variety of art history courses at Drury including 19th Century French, Native American Architecture, History of Photography, Modern Art, Pre-historic Art, Ancient Art, Theory and Criticism of Art, and Art and Architecture History I and II as well as specializing in the studio courses of drawing and foundations.

Tom Parker was the founding director of the masters degree program in Studio Art and Theory (MART).

Parker regularly exhibits his art both in solo shows and group shows. He has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards. His work has been seen in major museums around the country, including the Whitney Museum, the Chicago Art Institute, the Nelson-Atkins Museum, the St. Louis City Museum, the Springfield Art Museum, the Des Moines Art Center, the Souix City Center, and the Gallery du Temple in Lacoste, France.

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