Art & Art History

Graphic Design & Design Arts Major

Prior to selecting an art major, students should consult with their advisor and the chair of the department of art and art history. All students who decide to major in art or art history should officially elect a faculty member from the department as their formal advisor and consult with that faculty member prior to course registration each semester.

This major is appropriate for students who are primarily seeking a post-BA career in commercial photography, design arts or graphic design. It is also appropriate for students planning to pursue graduate studies in these areas to consider a second major in art history or fine arts. This major is required for students who intend to pursue the special program in visual communication.

Please note that ARTZ 111 Foundations of Studio and Design is offered in the fall semester only.  ARTZ 496 Apex Studio is to be taken in the spring semester of the year the student graduates.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

ARTZ 111: Foundations of Studio Design
ARTZ 123: Drawing
ARTZ 210: Graphic Design I
ARTZ 303: Praxis Studio
ARTZ 496: Apex Studio

Choose one of the following:
ARTZ 260: Photography I
ARTZ 267: Digital Photography I

Choose one of the following (3 hours):
ARTH 151: History of Art & Architecture I
ARTH 152: History of Art & Architecture II
ARCH 251: History of Architecture, Urbanism and Art 

Choose five of the following electives (15 hours):
Three must be 300 level or above; only one can be an art history course.
ARTH 350: Modern Art
ARTH 356: Contemporary Art
ARTH 360: History of Photography
ARTH 364: The Printed Book as Art and Artifact, 1450 to 1850
ARTZ 200: Printmaking
ARTZ 310: Graphic Design II
ARTZ 311: Publication Design
ARTZ 313: Concept and Design
ARTZ 315: Posters: A Shout to the Eye
ARTZ 360: Photography II
ARTZ 361: Alternative Photographic Processes
ARTZ 364: Commercial Photography
ARTZ 367: Digital Photography II
ARTZ 380: Field Studies: Design and Fine Art
ARTZ 301, 302, 401, 402: Advanced Studio
ARTZ 290, 390, 490: Selected Topics
ARTZ 397, 398, 497, 498: Internship
COMM 226: Multimedia Production I
COMM 386: Web Communication

Courses used as electives for one art or art history major or minor may not also satisfy requirements for another art or art history major or minor.

Only one advanced studio in each medium can count toward a major. When a student has taken all the advanced studios (ARTZ 301, 302, 401, 402) in a studio area, no more advanced studios can be taken in that area. Advanced studios cannot be used as electives in any minor offered by the department of art and art history.

Students are required to complete a “Permission to Register for Special Coursework’ form to enroll in advanced studios (ARTZ 301, 302, 401, 402), Portfolio (ARTZ 395), or ARTZ 496 Apex Studio.