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Art History Minor

The art history minor must complete 18 hours of coursework: 6 hours of required courses and 12 hours of elective courses.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Core Courses (6 hours):
ARTH 151: History of Art & Architecture I
ARTH 152: History of Art & Architecture II

Choose four the following electives (12 hours):
ARCH 251: History of Architecture, Urbanism and Art I
ARCH 252 History of Architecture, Urbanism and Art II
ARTH 356: History of Modern Architecture
ARCH 426: Travel Journal: Mediterranean Cultures
ARTH 300: Prehistoric Artifacts and Culture
ARTH 305: Ancient Art and Architecture
ARTH 310: Medieval Art and Architecture
ARTH 315: Renaissance Art and Architecture
ARTH 316: Venice and the Veneto
ARTH 320: Baroque Art and Architecture
ARTH 350: Modern Art
ARCH 356: History of Modern Architecture
ARTH 360: History of Photography
ARTH 362: History of Museums and Collecting
ARTH 364: The Printed Book as Art and Artifact, 1450 to 1850
ARTH 370: Asian Art and Architecture
ARTH 371: Early Islamic Art and Architecture
ARTH 373: Indigenous Arts and Cultures
ARTH 380: Field Studies: Art History
ARTH 395: Historiography
ARTH 410: The Medieval Architect: Practice and Product
ARTH 411: Medieval Women: Image, Text, Experience
ARTH 290, 390, 490: Selected Topics

Courses used as electives for one art or art history major or minor may not also satisfy requirements for another art or art history major or minor.