Director of Arts Administration Rebecca Miller to Be Featured In Studio Visit Magazine

Rebecca Miller, Drury University’s Director of Arts Administration, was selected to be featured in Studio Visit Magazine. Her captivating series Protest America led Miller to be included in the winter issue of the magazine after winning a competitive contest among more than 1,000 artists.

Rebecca has always had a love for art and photography, but her studies varied during her undergraduate years. “I first got into photography in high school,” she said. “I decided to go to the Kansas City Art Institute and got my BFA there. Du­­ring undergrad, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I took three years in business, I was teaching martial arts at the time and that is how I fell in love with teaching and decided to get my M.F.A so I could teach and pursue art.”

Her sights were initially drawn to political art out of pure curiosity. “Protests are not about the political agenda anymore, but rather more about slurs and mudslinging. I’m very curious about these serious issues that just get sidelined over the most superficial things.”

Protest America is not Miller’s first plunge into the world of political art. Her series Making Lemonade focused on the rephrasing of impetuous, non-official, political propaganda that derived from the 2012 presidential campaign. During Miller’s sabbatical in 2012, the United States was in the midst of heated health care debates. Miller was inspired to capture the protest rallies in Washington D.C. at this controversial time.

The striking photographs in the Protest America series draw attention to the loss of political facts during protests and brings to light the dark side of misconstrued political opinions. “I’m very mixed media with my photography,” Miller said. “I took the photos into the studio and started trying different mediums over them.” The finished display is a powerful succession of black and white images featuring a medium of dark ink that encompasses the eerie essence of the 2012 healthcare debate protests.

It is easy to see why Miller was chosen for such an honor. The complete Protest America series is an absolute must- see that tells a true narrative of the different perceptions of political propaganda and protests. You can view all of Miller’s featured work on her website.