Studio Culture Policy

“Studio Culture” is a term that describes the environment created by the faculty, staff, students and activities that comprise the studio. This includes the common values that are held by this community, the attitudes shared, and the agreed-upon expectations and standards. The Hammons School of Architecture (HSA) fosters a positive studio culture characterized by the following qualities:

An active, productive and educational studio environment

Studios are places in which learning takes place both during and after class hours. Making this environment a model of professional activity benefits the design processes that are part of this education. Open discussions between faculty, staff and students are encouraged to support a positive studio spirit.

Respect for the values of others

Recognizing and respecting diversity promotes innovation and exploration throughout the studio, improving the overall quality of work. Criticism is productive when focused on the work but can be harmful or discriminatory when focused on the person. Studios are zones that are to be free from harassment. Any instances of such disrespect should not be tolerated and need to be reported to administration or faculty. University policies on this subject can be found in the Drury University Academic Catalog and on the Drury website in the “Title IX” and “Student Code of Conduct” sections.

Support for students’ physical and mental health

Maintaining a balanced daily routine is important to achieving a good collegiate experience.  The special nature of studio-based architectural education places demands on students that must be met through the development of strong time-management skills and the reduction of stress through regular and healthy diet, sleep, and exercise. Drury University’s Panther Clinic and Office of Counseling Services are important resources for students.

Courtesy and respect for the personal space and property of others

HSA students have a right to expect that their property and the spaces in which they work will be free from theft or vandalism. Students must respect the property and workspaces of others, as well as the collective workspace of the HSA facility. Students also have a responsibility to take appropriate measures to maintain the security of personal property and the conditions of their workspace and building.

All studio community members and their visitors are asked to uphold and abide by these objectives. Studio community members are encouraged to speak with instructors, HSA and Drury administration and Drury Security about any issues that arise in relation to this Studio Culture Policy.