Jay G. Garrott, RA

Professor of Architecture
Director of the Center for Community Studies

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(417) 873-7371
HSA 215
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Professor Jay G. Garrott was the Founding Director of the Hammons School of Architecture from its inception in 1984-1993 when he returned to full time teaching.  As Founding Director Professor Garrott crafted the core principles upon which the distinctive Hammons School of Architecture program has become recognized: a strong integration of the liberal arts and professional program throughout the full five-year curricular experience; a required funded community-based applied learning experience in the fourth year studio; and a required foreign study experience prior to admission to the fifth year.  

Professor Garrott received his Bachelor of Architecture from Texas A&M University and Master of Architecture from North Carolina State University.  He was awarded the AIA Henry Adam’s School Medal for Architecture Excellence and the AIA Henry Adam’s Certificate of Merit from Texas A&M University.  He was also inducted into the Tau Sigma Delta National Honorary Architecture Fraternity.  His graduate thesis advisor was Professor Henry Sanoff, ACSA Topaz Award winner for his teaching and research excellence, whose work has influenced Professor Garrott’s design, teaching, research and academic program development throughout his professional career. 

Professor Garrott’s professional and academic areas of focus are participatory programming, planning, and design, community development, behavior-based design, sustainability, furniture design, and future studies. In recent years he has taught the fourth-year Community Studio, master level urban study electives and Global Futures in the previous core curriculum.

As Director of the Center for Community Studies, Professor Garrott develops and oversees the participatory community-based studio experience.  Since 2000 the Center has completed 57 regional community projects, in 36 communities, and 19 Missouri counties.  Five of these community projects were selected by the State of Missouri to receive D.R.E.A.M. Initiative Designation (Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri).  Each of the five D.R.E.A.M. communities received $2.5-$5 million in state assistance to implement their community vision for renewal.

In 2007 Professor Garrott established a collaborative relationship between the Center for Community Studies and the University of Missouri-Extension.  This private-public model for community collaborative service and outreach is unique among schools of architecture.  This model has enhanced the services offered by the Center for Community Studies and broadened the potential linkage between Drury University and the University of Missouri.

Professor Garrott was also instrumental in developing Drury University’s student-faculty exchange program with Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Tsinghua University is the number one institution of higher learning in China; the equivalent to MIT in America. Through the exchange, Tsinghua University send faculty to Drury University to teach Mandarin Chinese and Drury University send faculty to Tsinghua University as native English speakers to teach in the English Department. During the spring semester 2012, Professor Garrott spend his sabbatical at Tsinghua University where he taught courses in English writing and researched the impact of Beijing’s rapid urban modernization on traditional hutongs and Chinese culture and heritage.

Over the years Professor Garrott has lead student study trips to China and Europe and two contingents of Drury administrators to China.  In the summer of 2015 Professor Garrott and Visiting Professor Yong Huang will lead a student group on a five-week study tour of China: Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Beijing.

Professor Garrott has presented numerous papers at regional, national and international conferences related to architecture education, community-participatory design, community development, the Center for Community Studies pedagogical model, and global futures.  He has received such honors as an Outstanding Paper Award from the International Institute of Applied Science/UNESCO Culture of Peace, Award of Merit from The Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation for his community studio work at Carnegie-Mellon University, State of Missouri Senate Resolution for his community studio work at Drury University.

Most recently, Professor Garrott presented papers at the 2013 International Community Development Society Conference, Charleston, SC, entitled “Reassessing Professional Roles in Community Development” and “A Model of Public-Private Educational Collaboration for Community Development”.

Prior to coming to Drury University in 1984, Professor Garrott had taught at Wake Technical Institute, where he was Director of the Architectural Technology Program (1974-76), Miami University (1976-77), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1977-80), and Carnegie-Mellon University (1980-84). He was an Affiliated Faculty Member at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (1989-2003). He has been Director of the Center for Community Studies from 2000-present.  Of his 38-years of academic experience, 23 have been in program administrative positions.

B.Arch., Texas A&M University, 1972
M.Arch., North Carolina State University, 1975

Drury University faculty member since 1984
Professor since 1999