Architecture Study Abroad Programs

As part of the professional curriculum in architecture, students are required to complete an architecture study abroad program experience.  The study abroad experience may be taken in the following options:

  1. As a semester abroad at the Drury Center in Greece. Students typically take part in this semester program in either the spring of their third year in architecture or the fall of their fourth year. The center is located on the beautiful island of Aigina, a small, quiet and safe community, which makes it an ideal environment to study and to gradually process the cultural challenges of studying abroad. At the same time, the pulsating cultural and social life of Athens is just half an hour away by ferry boat. There the students have also an unique opportunity to experience the majestic archeological remnants of Western civilization's origins, both open air and in state-of-the-art museums (such as the Acropolis Museum), as well as cutting-edge contemporary architecture, such as the Olympic Sport Complex by world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava.
  1.  Through alternate faculty-led summer study abroad programs. Students typically take part in these short-term programs in either the summer following their third or fourth year in architecture. Such programs, typically lasting five weeks, may take students to European countries, such as the Greece, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, or to Asia [past visited countries included Japan and China], or, as planned, to Latin America. 

Please Note: Students may fulfill, with the school's permission, their study abroad experience requirement also through other architecture schools' programs, if they have an interest in visiting a country or countries not listed for a particular year within Drury University study abroad offerings. Students that are approved through the School of Architecture to participate in an affiliated or independent study abroad must take a formal leave of absence from Drury and complete transfer of credit forms found in the Registrar’s office.

* A drawing will be held at the beginning of the student’s spring semester studio class during their sophomore year to determine which program they will be participating in.