Ways to Give

Want to make a difference at Drury University?  You can! Offer your time, energy, mind, or money and help Drury become a better university. Last year, over 4,000 individuals, companies, foundations, and organizations gave over $6 million that strengthen every aspect that makes Drury University great: excellent students, strong academics, outstanding faculty, groundbreaking research, vibrant student life, state-of-the-art facilities, and interdisciplinary opportunities.

Give to Drury University

Ways to Give

  • Planned Giving
  • Recurring Gifts
  • Scholarships
  • Matching Gifts
  • Corporate Giving
  • Stock Giving
  • Online Gifts
  • Planned Giving

    Planned gifts are different from an annual gift to Drury University because planned gifts require planning through a financial or legal advisor before funds can be given to Drury. There is a variety of planned giving options, so you can choose the option that is right for you.

    Planned gift options include assets such as: securities, cash, life insurance, personal property, real estate, or part of your retirement plan. You can give one or all of these types of tax-deductable gifts either immediately or in the future. Listed below are several options of planned giving and the features of each type. A legal document will detail the transactions of your planned gift.

    Drury University can provide general information about various methods of giving. Each donor should consult his or her attorney, estate planners or financial advisor for specific information and guidance.

    For more information about planned giving, contact Debra Course at (417) 873-7320 or

    Types of Planned Giving:

    Life-Payment Plans - A life-payment plan allows you to make a substantial gift to Drury while still providing for your personal financial needs. There are several types of such plans, all of which combine life payments for one or more beneficiaries designated by the donor with a gift to charity. These plans offer substantial tax benefits and may increase cash flow to the donor or other beneficiary, depending on the asset contributed to Drury.

    Charitable Remainder Trust - The charitable remainder trust offers financial and estate-planning flexibility. This trust is similar to other types of trusts, except that Drury will receive the remainder interest. A donor transfers property under a trust agreement that specifies how trust income and principal are to be distributed. This trust may be created to become effective during life or at death.

    Gift Annuities - In exchange for a transfer of cash, marketable securities or, in some circumstances real estate, Drury contractually guarantees to make specified annuity payments to the donor and/or another beneficiary. (State law may restrict the type property that may be exchanged for a charitable gift annuity.) The payout rate depends on the age and number of beneficiaries.

    Bequests - Gifts under wills enable individuals to make significant gifts to Drury that they may not have been able to make during their lifetime. Bequests may take various forms:

    A general bequest - directs that Drury receives a specified dollar amount.

    • A specific bequest - directs that Drury is to receive a specific piece of property
    • A residual bequest - designates all or a portion of whatever remains after all debts, taxes, expenses and all other bequests have been paid to Drury
    • A contingent bequest - takes effect only if the primary intention of the bequest cannot be met

    Gifts of Real Estate with Retained Life Interest - A gift of a remainder interest in a personal residence or farm provides the donor with a charitable deduction for the present value of the remainder interest and permits the donor to escape any potential capital-gain tax on the built-in appreciation. The donor may also continue to occupy the residence or operate the farm without disruption.

    Life Insurance - Paid-up life insurance can be gifted to Drury or a policy taken out to benefit charity, permitting the donor to make a substantial gift for a relatively modest annual outlay.

    Charitable Gift Annuity - A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) provides a means for donors to make charitable gifts and receive life incomes. At the time of the gift a contract is established between Drury and the donor, Drury agrees to pay the donor an income for the donor's lifetime based on the age of the donor and the size of the gift. Besides the life income, the donor's contribution will provide a gift that will be placed in an existing or new endowment, as specified by the donor. The payment amount is guaranteed for life, regardless of what happens to the economy or stock market. If an immediate gift annuity is chosen, the donor starts receiving the payments within one year of the signing of the annuity contract. A deferred gift annuity allows the donor to start receiving payments at a future time, which must be more than one year after the date of the contribution.

  • Recurring Gifts

    A recurring gift is a gift that is set up to be processed on a set schedule, such as a monthly payment. It can be an opened ended gift that runs until you notify us to stop or can be set up with a specific end date in mind. Due to PCI compliance requirements we do not store credit card information at Drury so recurring gifts can only be set up through the online giving process. Simply follow the steps below and click on the recurring gift button rather than the one-time gift button.

    Please visit our webpage and click on the MAKE A GIFT button. This will take you to our secure payment site where you can begin by typing in the gift amount and choosing from our pull down list of available funds. If you don't see the fund you are looking for please choose other to type in any notes you might like to make on where you would like your gift to be applied. Click on ADD DONATION and you will be taken to the payment screen and asked for your credit card information. Just click on DONATE NOW when you are finished.

    You will receive an email from our office to confirm that your recurring gift has been established and you will receive a consolidated acknowledgement of your recurring gift payments at the end of the calendar year.

  • Give to student scholarships and open up a world of opportunity to current and future Drury students. Scholarships create life-changing opportunities for Drury students. By giving to a scholarship, you can make a direct impact on a Drury student's future.

    To give to a scholarship or create a scholarship in the name of a loved one, please email the Office of University Advancement or contact Debra Course at 417-873-7320.

    You have several options when establishing a scholarship:

    Annual Scholarship: This type of scholarship is given to students annually. You may choose the amount provided to each student. We ask that your annual scholarship gift provide scholarship funds to a new scholarship applicant for at least 5 years consecutive years.

    Endowed Scholarship: This type of scholarship is one in which the principal gift remains intact and only the interest is awarded to a scholarship applicant each year. Once established, your scholarship will be managed by Drury. Your endowment creates a permanent funding source that will grow over time and will support deserving students today and in the future. In order to create an endowed scholarship that will provide the greatest benefit for students, the minimum amount required to endow a scholarship is $25,000.00.

    IRS regulations prohibit donors from being involved in the scholarship selection process. Involvement in choosing a scholarship recipient would invalidate the deductibility of this gift.

    Due to the extensive list of scholarships already available, we have listed the currently existing scholarships based on intent and restrictions on the toolbar to the left of this page. If you would like additional information about current scholarships, please visit Financial Aid.

  • Matching Gifts

    Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees to Drury University. Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled!

    If your company matches, you may be able to access the forms needed to make a matching gift through your human resources department or your company website. For questions regarding matching gifts please contact Debra Course, Manager - Gift Stewardship at (417) 873-7320 or

  • Corporate and Foundation Giving

    Drury University actively collaborates with corporations and foundations on a local and global level to build a sustainable physical and technological environment that promotes learning, scholarship, and citizenship. This corporate partnership enhances and sustains an entrepreneurial community characterized by exceptional interaction and enrichment of our global community through our remarkable students.

    We encourage you to explore the wide range of initiatives taking place at Drury and throughout the surrounding community. Our staff would be happy to arrange a site visit to discuss partnership opportunities.

    Key Funding Needs

    Corporations and foundations currently play a large part in the success of creating a Drury presence and revitalization on Commercial Street, the construction of the O'Reilly Family Event Center, and the creation of our satellite campus in Monett, as well as providing much needed scholarship support to our students.

  • Mutual Funds and Gifts of Stock

    Drury works with several different brokers to accept gifts of securities which you will find here. Board regulations require that we liquidate stock gifts as soon as they are received, however, please be aware that not all brokers check the Drury account on a regular basis. Please let us know that a transfer has been made so that we can notify our broker to watch for it. Letting us know is also a good opportunity for you to let us know how you would like your gift designated.

    We would like to make giving as easy as possible for our donors and offer different methods to help you with this process. Please contact our gifts manager, Debra Course, at (417) 873-7320 or if you have any questions or need any help.

    Instructions for transfer of Stock or Mutual funds:

    A direct transfer of stock can go from your account at your stock broker's firm directly into Drury's account number at one of the brokerage firms listed above. You will need Drury's account number to give to your broker and the DTC number (if the receiving firm uses one). Drury appreciates being notified of the transfer of stock and directions on where the donation is to be used. This insures that the gift is distributed correctly according to your preference. The transferred stock becomes a gift when it is registered in Drury's name and under Drury's control.

    To calculate the value of the gift, we take the average of the high and low prices of the stock on the date that the stock went into our account at our broker. The total value of the gift is the average multiplied by the number of shares we receive.

    Brokers with Drury University accounts:

    Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.
    Broker: Tim Reese '85
    Assistant: Mindy Cordier
    Phone: (417)823-3922
    Fax: (417)823-8912
    Drury's Account Number: EBR 013849
    DTC: 0443

    Edward Jones
    Broker: Greg DeLong
    Phone: (417)881-5358
    Drury's Account Number: 631-04963-1-7

    Merrill Lynch
    Broker: Doug Prost/Michael Esch
    Assistant: Sheila Eubanks
    Phone: (417)885-0616
    Fax: (417)881-8583
    Drury's Account Number: 59904079
    DTC: 5198

    Stifel Nicolas
    Broker: Kelly Snider
    Phone: (417)886-2855
    Drury's Account Number: 2864-3967
    DTC: 0793

    Wells Fargo Advisors
    Beth Knight
    Financial Advisor
    Phone: (417)883-6680
    Fax: (417) 883-9738
    Drury's Account Number: 2491-8295
    DTC: 0141


Gifts by mail - please make your check payable to Drury University and mail to:

Drury University
c/o Development and Alumni
900 N. Benton Ave.  
Springfield, MO 65802

We would like to make giving as easy as possible for our donors and offer different methods to help you with this process. Please contact our gifts manager, Debra Course, at 417.873.7320 or if you have any questions or need any help.

If you include a note, or write in the memo field of your check, describing how you would like your gift to be designated (example: for The Drury Fund) we will direct your gift to the correct account. If credit card information is enclosed it will be destroyed immediately upon completion of processing as required for PCI compliance.

Other Methods of Giving

EFT payments (electronic funds transfer): are also available through our Great Southern account. By completing an authorization form and mailing it to us with a voided blank check attached you authorize Drury to deduct a gift directly from your banking account on a monthly basis. EFTS are processed as close to the 20th of each month as work days and holidays allow.

Download EFT Authorization Form (.pdf)

Pledge Commitments: Due to the intricate nature of pledge commitments Drury does not offer the option of setting up a pledge online at this time. However a link to a downloadable form is attached for you to complete and mail in. 

Download Pledge Commitment Form (.pdf)

Drury University maintains PCI compliance for your protection. The major credit card issuers created PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards to protect personal information and ensure security when transactions are processed using a payment card.