Legacy Family

The Drury University Legacy Family Program recognizes families for their continued generational support and commitment to Drury, and helps Legacies stay connected to Drury through networking opportunities, special programs and events. Family connections have long been a part of the success of Drury University and its students. We believe it’s important to the future of Drury to have a significant number of legacy students in every class who can relate the stories and traditions of Drury that have been handed down through the years. It’s great that many students discover Drury for the first time each year, but it’s through our alumni families that the heritage of the College passes from generation to generation.

We extend a sincere thank you to all of our alumni for making the Drury University experience part of their family tradition and supporting Drury in this very meaningful way.

Drury University Legacy Families

A Drury Legacy Family is a student or alumnus/a whose parent, grandparent or sibling or family member has attended Drury University. Our third generation families consist of a grandparent, parent and grandchild who have attended Drury.

Current Legacy Students

To confirm which family members we have linked to you, please contact the Office of University Advancement at (417) 873-7217 or

Legacy Admission

The Legacy Admission Program celebrates the loyalty, tradition and Panther pride among families. Many of our incoming first-year student class are Legacy students. Drury University pays special attention to our relationship with alumni and takes exceptional care in evaluating Legacy applications. 

Legacy Scholarships

Students who are relatives of Drury Alumni - defined as individuals who have completed at least 30 hours of Drury credit after high school graduation - are eligible to receive one of two legacy scholarships. More information >>