Alumni Spotlight: Rob Haik '92

Rob Haik“We don’t have clients; we have people we work with.” This eloquent quote perfectly describes the work of Rob Haik and his firm, H Design Group. When walking into H Design Group, visitors are immersed into a world of creativity, art and passion. The walls are covered with written script detailing the firm’s missions, values and beliefs. A few quick glances and one can truly begin to understand Rob Haik and his team. This understanding is exactly what represents H Design Group, whose main focus is building relationships, creating vision and implementing change.

Rob Haik graduated from Drury University in 1992 with an architecture degree. A degree and collegiate experience that he credits to his successful career, unique approach to architecture and design, and in assisting in making him the man, husband and father that he is today.

If you were to ask Rob what is most important to him, his answer would be his wife and family. In 2000, Rob was able to create a firm that not only spoke to his talent as an architect, but also provided an avenue for him to speak to values and beliefs. H Design Group opened that year and has continued to make impressive strides ever since. The firm is not your typical architecture business, nor is it an a-typical nine-to-five job, rather it is a place where family is put first, teamwork is of the essence and respect and creativity are always paramount. When speaking of his leadership style, Rob stated that he does not set rules, only sets expectations; there are no vacation days or sick days, there are no required working schedules, he believes that if you instill hard work and respect in your employees, they will do what it takes to get the job done. The rest is for the employee to determine.

Rob is proud to say that a number of his team members are Drury Alumni, because he knows that their education is unmatched and their operational style is a rare find. Through Rob’s leadership and his exceptional team, H Design Group has not only grown substantially, but has also constructed a vast number of projects including, but not limited to, Springfield First Community Bank, Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center, Drury University O’Reilly Family Event Center, and DiVentures Swim & Scuba Center.

Rob and H Design believe collaboration to be a process of discovery. That solutions are not forced, prepackaged, or created in a vacuum, but rather that each project or idea demands individual focus and support. This foundational view helps the firm to create designs that are individually suited for each circumstance and aspiration.

Holistically, H Design Group is a firm committed to the construction and preservation of personal relationships. Rob trusts that his attention to detail, creative nature and personal focus on his clients is what sets his firm apart from the competition. “We do not design for award shows—we design for our clients and for the lasting impact we can create.”

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