Alumni Spotlight: Greg Frankenfeld '91

In the late 1980s, Drury’s Architecture program was just getting off the ground. Despite concerns over the infancy of the program, Greg Frankenfeld ‘91, a native of Washington, Missouri, applied anyway. Drury’s small class sizes and personable professors appealed to him. Despite being offered scholarships to play soccer at other universities, he chose Drury.

Greg was also a Fine Arts major, but his primary focus remained in Architecture. He was in the program as it received accreditation and made the move to the Hammons School of Architecture his last semester. He graduated with eleven students, and feels grateful for his Drury education.

“My education was very well rounded," Greg says. "The liberal arts curriculum required that I seek out other classes, and the small class sizes ensured I didn’t get lost. If I skipped class, the professor would notice.”

Due to his interest in soccer, Greg helped set up an intramural club team at Drury. It seemed there were several soccer players his incoming year, and they soon played matches against Missouri State and Evangel. In fact, the club was so successful that in 1992, soccer became an official sport at Drury. In addition to soccer, Greg was a Sigma Nu and has fond memories of living on the third floor of what is now the Martin Alumni Center.

Professionally, Greg has worked in architecture firms in Kansas City and in St. Louis, including becoming partner at Dickinson Hussman Architects in St. Louis. For the past eight and a half years, he has worked as a Senior Associate at Mackey Mitchell Architects, also in St. Louis. Focusing on a wide range of projects, he has helped design learning spaces as well as residence halls for several colleges and universities.

Greg is a very positive person, and attributes a lot of that positivity to his success in athletics. At 25, he decided to start running just to get back into shape. He never stopped. He has ran the Boston Marathon several times as well as other marathons and half marathons. After a while, running that many miles can get monotonous, so he took up biking, and later swimming. He completed Ironman Triathlons in 2007, 2015, and 2016. His goal is to qualify for the Champion Ironman competition in Kona, Hawaii.

He encourages current Drury students and other alumni to keep a positive attitude: “Day to day there will always be things that affect you in a negative way. Don’t let those things get to you. Staying positive helps create connections that you may need one day.”