Alumni Spotlight: Carley Williams ‘09

At Drury, students are constantly inspired to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. Carley Williams arrived at Drury as a transfer student from Kansas State University. Hoping to start a career in government after graduation, she sought out a degree in political science. As she became more involved on campus, Greek life was becoming more and more influential in her life. After being assigned the Philanthropy and Social Chairs in Kappa Delta, she developed a new and exciting passion for coordinating internal and external events for the organization. By the end of her sophomore year, she realized her new enthusiasm for event planning, and decided to change her major to communication studies. On this part of her experience, she comments, "A valuable lesson I learned at Drury is to keep an open mind…I switched my focus to communications and never looked back!"

Business Independence after Graduation

After her graduation in 2009, Carley took a job as an assistant event coordinator with The Bridesmaid and began her career as a professional event planner. As time went on, she found herself planning large events for multiple local philanthropies, including The ALS Association and Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. After designing national marketing campaigns with other big names like BKD, she decided to start her own event and wedding planning business, saying, "It has been the best decision I have made, and I love my job every day." Explore Carley's business at or on Facebook.

Reflecting on the Drury Experience

In 2013, Carley returned to Drury and earned her Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications in 2015. Of her Drury experience, she values the lifelong relationships she has formed with her KD sisters and the many career-enriching opportunities she had in the communications department, like being part of Ad Team. Carley is the perfect example of how Drury can lead students to realize new passions and pursue previously unsought after career paths. She constantly gives back to her community through work on philanthropic campaigns, and gives back to Drury by providing time and effort to stay involved. Extremely proud of her Drury experience, she says, "I am so thankful that my experience at Drury University opened my eyes to new career opportunities and helped shape the business women I am today."