Alumni Chapters: Tulsa, Oklahoma

You can stay connected to Drury and classmates no matter where you live.  Just get more involved with our Regional Alumni Chapter in your area.  To get involved, all you have to do is attend alumni events and stay connected with our office and your Regional Alumni Representatives. Events and meetings are offered in throughout the year in your alumni region, with a variety of different programs and opportunities to continue to peak your interest. You can even volunteer and serve as an Regional Alumni Leader for Drury and provide activities, communication and leadership for alumni in the region.

If this is something that strikes your interest, please contact the Office of University Advancement at We want to hear your ideas so you can connect with alumni in your area!

To ensure that you receive messages from us about regional events, make sure we have your updated contact information on file.  You can contact our office at or 417-873-7217 to make updates.