Annual 531 Challenge

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One donor. One donation. One moment to make a difference in the life of one student or many. This year marks the fifth year of the annual 531 Challenge. It is an energizing time that encourages participation – no matter the amount - because every donation supports our current and future students’ scholarships and financial aid to ensure an invaluable college experience.

To commemorate the occasion, we are introducing a slight twist.  During the month of May, we will – as in the past - ask for donors to give, in any amount, to the Annual Drury Experience Fund.  However, this year we’re not stopping at 531 donors.  We want to demonstrate the power of one by doubling our efforts to obtain 1,062 [2 x 531] donors across three specific areas of need – academics, leadership and first generation plus.  We are tapping into the passions of our alumni and donor base to spur some competitive rivalry. 

What aspect of a Drury education are you most passionate about?  Can you rally other alumni, donors, friends, family to support that passion?

We want 1,062 gifts in 31 days.  And, on one special day, May 10, we will donate 531 minutes to a social day of giving that will help us get to 1,062 donors and beyond.

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Match Challenge

Ron '69 and Cathy Neville '71 have pledged a match donation of $50,000 when we hit our goal of 1,062 gifts.

The Power of One

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