Student Athlete Spotlight: Nick Thimesch

Hometown: Marshalltown, Iowa
Major: Biology & Chemistry
Sport: Baseball
Position: Outfield

Nick Thimesch has two passions: baseball and academics. He plays outfield for the Panthers and studies in the pre-medicine program at Drury University.

“I have grown up around the game of baseball my entire life and I jumped at the opportunity to continue to play the game I love past high school,” he says. “Also, with the chance to play at such a highly acclaimed academic school like Drury it was perfect fit.”

Feeling Close to Drury

Beyond his passions, Nick got more from Drury: closeness in a community. The baseball team supports each other and other student-athletes.

“A great example of this was when the Drury basketball team won the national championship during the spring of 2013. The baseball team had just gotten done playing some afternoon games and before we even had time to take our cleats off, we ran out to the outfield and listened to the finish of the basketball game on our coach’s phone,” Nick explains. “Everyone is so close at Drury and it truly is a community that supports one another to the fullest.”

Embracing the Journey

As Nick says, it’s not easy to make a transition from high school to college sports, but it is a unique opportunity.

“Even though it may seem overwhelming to come to college and try to succeed at both academics and athletics, you must embrace the journey,” Nick advises. “Very few student-athletes get the opportunity to continue their careers into college so look at it as a chance to do what few people get to do.”

Nick’s teammates help him stay motivated, but it is up to Nick to stay on schedule.

“It is definitely a grind and requires both physical and mental toughness; however, staying motivated and looking forward to where I want to be academically and athletically helps me manage both workloads,” he adds.

A Drury Family

Being a part of the Drury Panthers is like being a part of a large family. Nick proudly represents this family every time he puts on his uniform.

“The Drury athletic family is unlike any other,” he says, “and being a part of it is something that has shaped me as a person and will be a part of me for the rest of my life!”