Student Athlete Spotlight: Lukas Kriem

Hometown: Ludwigsburg, Germany
Major: Environmental Science, Biology, & Chemistry
Sport: Tennis 

Lukas Kriem came to Drury University from overseas to be more than a student, but a student-athlete. He did not have this opportunity before to continue playing tennis in Germany, where he’s from.

“Back home, we don’t have the classical system of colleges competing against each other,” Lukas explains. “If you are a student in Germany, then you are only a student and nothing else. However, I wanted to proceed with playing tennis as well as improve my English skills.”

Drury Panther Pride

One of Lukas’ favorite things about being an athlete is receiving support and recognition from the community.

“You are always recognized on campus as being an athlete. It is always great when people come up to you to congratulate you for your victories. Especially faculty and staff have a really close relationship with the athletes.”

Lukas also discovered that Drury is known outside of the Midwest, too.

“Drury is a well-recognized college in America,” he says. “I was walking through a mall in Florida and a Drury alumni recognized me by the Drury Tennis shirt I wore. He told me he was happy to see that Drury is still one of the best colleges in the Midwest region.”

Balancing Academics and Athletics

Like most student-athletes, Lukas must organize his schedule every week to get his work done on time and go to practice. He has a German saying he remembers to guide him.

“It’s all about being a smart person when it comes down how to manage free time,” Lukas says. “Back home, we have the saying: ‘was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen.’ (If you can do things today then don’t wait until tomorrow). I tend to use my free time to do work in advance and not wait until last minute because you never know what projects or homework are coming up on a short notice.”

At Drury, professors often help Lukas manage his work and he advises other athletes to never pull an “all-nighter.”

“Never do ‘all-nighters’ no matter how much work you have to do. It will influence you academic and athletic performance,” he explains. “As an athlete you are usually able to talk to professors and they all understand your problems of being an athlete and they will find a way to work around it.”

During his time in school, Lukas has been able to accomplish his two goals: to play tennis and to learn more English. However, he has found more to Drury than he ever imagined.

Lukas says, “Drury seemed to be the best school in providing both of those values and as it turned out it was a great decision to play and study at Drury.”