Student Athlete Spotlight: Chelsea Staab

Hometown: Westerville, Ohio
Major: Biology & Chemistry
Sport: Swimming
Position: Backstroke

When Chelsea Staab joined Drury University’s swim and dive team, she became a part of a family legacy.

“Drury’s record of athletic excellence was a huge driving force to my decision,” Chelsea says. “My father and sister competed in swimming and their legacy on the team was something I wanted to be a part of. The stories I heard of the family they had become a part of was impossible to resist.”

In a sense, she also became a part of a new family of other student-athletes just like her who make the same commitments and go through hard training, all of which paid off.

The Year of Three Championships

In 2013, the Drury Panthers’ men’s swim and dive team, women’s swim and dive team, and men’s basketball team became NCAA champions in Division-II. One of Chelsea’s favorite Drury memories was celebrating on campus with the other teams.

“My second year on the team, in 2013, it was great to have the National Championships for three teams,” she says. “It was a great way for the teams to bond and celebrate together on a common success. The celebratory parade was a lot of fun and seeing the support from all the community was a great boost to our drive to succeed.”

Altogether throughout her student-athlete career, Chelsea has been a part of three national championships on the women’s swim and dive team.

Using Pressure to Her Advantage

Student-athletes often feel the need to balance their sport and academic work. But Chelsea uses this pressure at her advantage.

“Having the time constraints of practice and competition made me less likely to procrastinate,” she explains. “I got into this habit of having to do my homework early because I couldn’t stay up late doing it if I wanted to perform well at morning practice. A lot of the team actually ends up at the library together to study and there’s this common pressure to get the work done along with everyone else.”

Chelsea adds some words of wisdom for other students who want to become college athletes at Drury.

“I would just say don’t let the pressures get to you; the professors are very understanding and supportive of the athletics,” she says. “They will cheer you on and are very understanding about restrictions in competition keeping you from taking tests and completing projects.”