Application for Undergraduate Day School Admission
for International Students

This application is for the traditional day school bachelor degree programs.


  1. Ask your high school to send an official copy of your high school transcript. If not in English include a certified translation. Request that national examination results be sent if applicable.
    • In addition to high school records, college transfer students must also request an official transcript from each university previously or currently attended and include individual course descriptions. If not in English, include a certified translation.
    • Transfers from U.S. colleges must also verify good standing with the last university attended and with regard to student visa status. If not enclosed with this application, the required forms can be found here. You must also submit a copy of you last I-20.
  2. Students whose first language is not English must satisfy the English proficiency requirements in one of the following ways:
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): minimum score 71 computer-based test (cbt), 530 paper-based test(pbt)
    • University of Cambridge International English Language Testing System (IELTS): minimum score 6.0
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): minimum 500 Critical Reading
    • British system Advanced Level Examination in English: minimum grade of C
    • 30 transferable credits with demonstrated proficiency from an American, Canadian, Australian or British university

      Conditional admission may be offered to students who score below the minimum required scores. If conditionally admitted, you will be required to enroll in English for Academic Purposes classes for degree credit as needed.

      The English proficiency of all non-native English-speaking applicants is assessed during new student orientation to determine whether additional study of English writing, research, speaking or grammar is appropriate.
  3. Native English speakers must submit one of the following:
    • SAT: minimum 500 Critical Reading
    • ACT: minimum score 21 in English
    • 30 transferable credit hours with demonstrated proficiency from an American, Canadian, Australian or British university
  4. Submit a writing sample of your choice of 500 words of less.
  5. Letters of recommendation are encouraged, but not required.

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Enrollment Data
International students attending on F-1 visas must enroll full time.

Year of Entry*
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Housing plans:*
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Educational Data
Secondary school attended*
Date of graduation*
  Ask schools to send official transcripts. List of all other secondary schools attended, location and dates of attendance:

  Do you have university credits you wish to transfer to Drury?*     Yes  No
  List all colleges/universities you have attended. Do not list institutions which do not grant university credit. Please have an official transcript sent from each institution. For evaluation of possible transfer credit, course descriptions in English are required.

Name of college/university Location (city, country) Dates attended Degrees earned
  What is your level of English Proficiency? (check one)

I will submit an IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or ACT score that will qualify me for regular admission.
I have the required level of English Proficiency, but I am seeking conditional admission and do not plan on submitting an IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or ACT score.
I have a low level of English Proficiency and I am seeking admission to Drury's English for Academic purpose course.
I do not have the required English Proficiency and I am seeking conditional admission so that I may study at an ELS or ELI center in the USA before attending Drury University.

Statement of Financial Support


I. Ability to cover costs   Proof of adequate funds to cover college and living expenses while in the United States is of major concern to universities and the U.S. government as well as to students. To complete the admission process and satisfy consular officials’ requests for financial documentation, please read the cost information carefully and be sure to send all supporting financial documents requested below. The form I-20, the certificate of student visa eligibility, can only be issued after the student has submitted full financial documentation to the admission office. A student coming to the United States with insufficient funds will encounter many difficulties which may include being required to withdraw from the university and return home. Listed below are estimated costs for the upcoming school year. Additional estimated expenses a student can expect to pay include: amount of travel, personal expenses, health insurance and emergencies. You should expect the total annual cost to increase by three to six percent each year.
II. Estimated costs for 2011-12 academic year  
Tuition and fees……………………………………….……………………$21,298
Campus housing and 150-meal plan…………………………………………..$7,172
Mandatory Health Insurance…………………………………………………..$1,000
Total Drury charges for one year…………………………………………. $29,470

You will also be expected to provide funds for incidental expenses as estimated below. Personal expenses vary depending on individual spending needs.

Books and supplies………………………………………………………….$ 1,000
Personal transportation………………………………………………………..$2,000

Total Drury charges plus estimated personal expenses……..$ 32,470
III. Sources of funds for college expenses   Please indicate below the sources of your college funding. The sources of your funding must be document funds to cover all expenses listed above, excluding any portion of the cost covered by scholarships awarded by Drury. Scholarship funds awarded by the university will be documented by the university.
Funding Source*:   Self-Paid   Government Scholarship
IV. Documents required as evidence of financial support   Please submit one or a combination of the following documents for each source of funding:
1. Current bank statement(s) listing balance of funds in account(s) from which funds will be drawn. Balance must be sufficient to cover the costs as specified in the Drury Statement of Financial Support.
2. Letter from an officer of the financial institution of whomever is responsible for college expenses. Letter must confirm responsible party’s ability to cover the costs as specified in the Drury Statement of Financial Support.
3. For organization or government sponsorship, a letter or official document issued by the sponsoring agen- cy must verify the amount funded and terms of funding.
4. Letter from employer confirming that the responsible individual’s annual salary or income is sufficient to cover the costs of attending Drury.
5. Submit the form “Authorization to Confirm Bank Records.

Drury reserves the right to require additional verification of finances and/or an advanced tuition deposit before issuing the certificate of eligibility student status (form I-20)

I certify that all my statements are accurate and I agree to meet the terms specified in this document.
* I have read and understood the Statement of Financial Support.
Letter of Understanding for Admission

I understand that:
I. I must take the Drury Residual English Placement Test during new student orientation if:

  • I did not submit an official TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, or ACT score to gain minimum admission.
  • I did not have the originial document showing my English proficiency score sent directly to Drury University

II. If I have not submitted an official TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, or ACT score to Drury University, then I will be able to register for one of the following programs based on my Residual English Placement Test score:

  • If I score below a 54 on the Residual English Placement Test then I will be placed in Drury's English Institute Joint Program located on a nearby downtown campus.
  • If I score between a 54 and 71 on the Residual English Placement Test then I will be placed into a one semester intensive English program where I will be expected to make all B's in order to move into regular courses in my major.
  • If I score a 72 or above on the Residual English Placement Test then I will be placed into regular courses in my major.

III. If I stay in the US without attending Drury University I will automatically go "out of status" according to the Immigration regulations of the United States Government. If I go "out of status" I will be committing a felony that is punishable by law and my I-20 will be terminated at Drury University
* I have read and understood the all conditions outlined above and I must arrive on campus prepared to take the Residual IBT TOEFL exam if necessary.

Agreement Statement

By submitting this application, I certify that the information given above is accurate and complete. I understand that falsified information could result in admission denial or suspension from Drury University with loss of fees.

By submitting this application, I agree to abide by the policies and regulations of Drury University.

If you do agree to the above statement, please select the "I Agree" button. You will receive an online verification that your application has been received.

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