Drury Spotlight: Trevor Cobb

Majors: Writing, Spanish, & Graphic Design
Minor: Women & Gender Studies
Class/Year of Graduation: May 2018
Hometown: Springfield, MO

For sophomore Trevor Cobb, life at Drury is so much more dynamic than he could have imagined. As a triple major in Writing, Spanish, and Graphic Design, and a student worker employed by three different offices on campus, he is always doing something.

“I keep myself very busy and love every moment of it,” Trevor says. 

Busy is an understatement: Trevor works in the Olin Library, Marketing and Communications, and Career Planning and Development. He is also the Campus News Editor for The Mirror and volunteers several hours a week at a local elementary.

“I love how convenient Drury makes everything—I can work in between classes and get involved super easily,” he says.   

Sense of Community

“I feel like I know everyone here, and you just can’t get that at a larger school.”

With a student population of 1,315 and a faculty to student ratio of 10 to 1, Drury is the perfect environment to foster close relationships.

“I can walk down Drury Lane and wave to ten people on a two-minute walk,” Trevor says. 

Recalling His First Year Experience 

At Drury, freshmen take a CORE 101 class designed to develop the skills necessary to succeed in college. Trevor fondly remembers taking The Politics of Rock N’ Roll Honors and living in Sunderland Hall as part of a Living Learning Community.

“All of my closest friends are people I lived with freshman year,” he says.

Trevor understands that living in an LLC with his CORE class helped in his transition to life in college. He also realized: “You take these people you live with freshman year and are friends the rest of college. More than that, I think for the rest of my life.”

Drury is a special place, situated in the heart of the Midwest. The university welcomes students from all around the world and gives them a home away from home.

Trevor sums Drury life up perfectly: “Everyone is really proud to be at Drury. We love it.”