Drury Spotlight: Sarah Jenkins '06

Majors: English & Writing
Hometown: Sparta, MO
Current Occupation: Copywriter at the Alchemedia Project, writer at The Mystery Hour

“Don’t follow your dreams. Follow what you’re good at.”

This is something Sarah Jenkins, a 2006 Drury graduate, once heard, and believes is indicative of life post-college.

“It sounds counterintuitive, but I’ve found that if you can find where your dreams and what you’re good at intersect, that is where you will find happiness and success,” she said.

With degrees in English and writing and a professional career in advertising, Sarah is living that advice today.

Practitioner of Alchemedia

Sarah came to Drury after attending a small high school, and so the community-based environment at Drury gave her the individual attention and support she desired. The liberal arts education enabled her to study many things, adding up to a well-rounded education that she has put to use in her professional life.

While working as a copywriter at the Alchemedia Project, an ad agency blending technology and creativity, Sarah applied her degree to a wide range of projects and served many national clients’ needs.

“I love working there! It’s really fun and I’ve learned so much,” Sarah said. 

A Taste of Fame

Sarah stretches out her funny bone on Springfield’s own late night talk show, The Mystery Hour. She writes for the show as well as performing in skits and a standup comedy routine.

“It’s a lot of fun! Most of us have been comedy nerds our whole lives, and to be able to have this opportunity in Springfield is pretty unique.”

As for parting words of wisdom, Sarah offered this delightful tidbit for incoming and current students:

“Eat breakfast. Enjoy that meal plan while you have it. You’re going to miss those Lucky Charms waiting for you every night!”