Drury Spotlight: Lucy Givens

Majors: French and Marketing
Hometown: Branson, Missouri
Clubs & Organizations: Resident Assistant, Enactus, Alpha Lambda Delta, French club, the Vine, Delta Delta Delta – external philanthropy chairman

Most Memorable Drury Experiences

As a sophomore, Lucy is half way through her college career. So far, she says, "my most memorable experiences at Drury would have to be a mix of a few things."

Lucy could tell her coursework at Drury would be different right from her first Core 101 class as a first-year student.

"We discussed music and popular culture and examined how the sound, style, and lyrics of a song can tell us something about identity and cultural differences," she recalls.

Lucy was also able to form quick bonds with the students in her Core 101 class as they went through orientation weekend together.

In addition to jumping in at orientation weekend, Lucy was a member of the women's tennis team during her first year at Drury.

"I learned so much from the men and women on my team about their culture and admired their commitment and passion for the sport so much," she says.

Proudest Achievement

"My proudest achievement at this school would probably be becoming a Resident Assistant," Lucy says. "I was very blessed to get the job that I have on campus. I live with a group of first-year students who are silly and crazy and are changing their majors on a daily basis. They are finding out who they are and I am lucky enough to watch them develop and grow in their time here and assist them in making the most out of their education and Drury experience."

Drury Decision

Most of all, Lucy remembers her decision to come to Drury in the first place.

She says, "my senior year [in high school] I was not sure where I needed to be or what I wanted to study," but describes her choice to come to Drury as, "one of the best decisions of my life. [If I hadn't come to Drury,] I would not have met some of the most amazing people who inspire me to be better everyday."