Drury Spotlight: Katie Dougherty

Majors: Advertising & Public Relations
Class/Year of Graduation: May 2017
Hometown: Springfield, MO

Katie Dougherty graduated from Glendale High School in 2013. She was involved in theatre and music, and she and her friends would cheer for the football team until they lost their voices on Friday nights.

While a student at Drury, Katie talked to the Career Planning and Development Office and her advisor to guide her as she explored her interests. She now sings with the Drury Singers and Concert Choir, participates in a college ministry called The Vine, cheers on residents in the dorms as a Resident Assistant, has fun with her sorority sisters, and her band, Lost and Found, is opening for The Oh Hellos for homecoming this year.

Katie says, “Drury exceeded my expectations because I thought it would be a continuation of high school since it is in the same town. But, Drury is great about making a community, and it has become my home away from home. I am so involved here, that it feels like I am three hours away from home.”

She encourages high school students to keep an open mind about colleges close to home. “Don’t close your mind about visiting colleges in Springfield. At the encouragement of my mom, I included Drury on my college tour list, and I realized it was right for me.”