Drury Spotlight: Kaitlyn McConnell '11

Major: Integrated Media
Hometown: Marshfield, Missouri
Current Occupation: 
Media Relations Coordinator for CoxHealth

From Missouri to Norway, Drury prepared Kaitlyn for life’s adventures while making her feel right at home.

“It was obvious that everyone can find a place where they fit here, and that’s what makes Drury so great: it caters to so many different interests,” she said.

The liberal arts experience allows you to explore many different disciplines and discover what your passions are. Kaitlyn found hers in media and refined those skills through the campus newspaper, The Mirror, ending as Editor-in-Chief her senior year. This interest in media led her to a job in the Communications Department of an American-based company in Norway, where she lived and worked for three years. Drury provided Kaitlyn with the necessary skills to survive and thrive in a foreign environment. 

Life Abroad

Living and working in Norway was a new experience for Kaitlyn, but she quickly realized that when it comes down to it, people are people, and she wasn’t so different from them. She urges everyone to study and/or live abroad at some point in your life, because it helps make you a more well-rounded individual and you discover more about yourself.

Drury Connections

Upon returning back to Missouri, Kaitlyn sought to reintegrate within the tight-knit Springfield community. Having a Drury network already in place greatly aided the process.

 “It’s all about those connections—connections with students, professors, and the community. You never know when they’ll come in handy, but they will, so never burn those bridges!”

Overall, Kaitlyn values her time at Drury and abroad, and wishes everyone could take the time to travel because it is life changing.