Drury Spotlight: Ethan Williamson

Graduation Year: May 2017
Majors: Biology and Chemistry
Hometown: Houston, MO
Extracurriculars: Sigma Pi Fraternity, Drury Singers, Drury Chorale, Drury Chamber Choir, American Chemical Society, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, KDRU

For senior Ethan Williamson, getting involved throughout his college career has always been essential.  Investing time in on-campus organizations has allowed Williamson to grow as a leader and experience the perks of attending a small university.

Dedicated Professors

From the beginning of his freshman year, Williamson realized that many professors at Drury will go above and beyond to see their students succeed.  He attributes much of his accomplishments as a student to dedicated professors.

“The faculty definitely take a special interest in you personally,” Williamson said.  “You show them that you’re in it for the long haul… and then they really invest in you and give it back.”

By building strong ties with his professors, he was encouraged to attend medical school after graduation.

“If anything, Drury elevated my goals… I feel like my aspirations in my field have grown,” he said.

Preparation for the Future

Williamson is currently in the final stages of applying to medical school.  He hopes to one day enter into a general surgery residence and specialize in something repair-based.

“Surgery was a really nice melding point between my love for natural sciences and wanting to do something with my hands.”

Reflecting on his college career, Williamson offered advice to high school students that may be wondering if attending a small school is the choice for them.

“The small size doesn’t really matter because you know so many people and you’re interconnected and you’re connecting with the community as well,” he said. “Anyone at Drury that you will let, will be your friend.  Everyone’s pretty open to the idea of getting to know you.”

Story and video by Michaela Remijio