Drury Spotlight: Elisha Segrist

Major: Biology and Chemistry
Hometown: St. Joseph, MO

Elisha Segrist, a biology and chemistry major from St. Joseph, Missouri, has big plans for her future, and is using opportunities available at Drury to help her reach those goals. 

When quizzed on her future, Elisha says she plans on attending grad school, and she hopes to work with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the Epidemic Intelligence Service controlling disease outbreaks and researching cures.

And while those goals require a lot of hours spent researching and working in the Trustee Science Center labs, Elisha has discovered that there are plenty of other ways to build her skills and networks as well. A busy schedule has helped Elisha discover new activities, make new friends, and broaden her education. 

“Don’t feel like you can’t do anything, because you can do it all here," she says. “I’m currently the president of Tri Beta Biology Honor Society, treasurer of the American Chemical Society, secretary for the Honors Student Association, and part of the Home Life Team for the Solar Decathlon. It’s very easy to get involved and really find your place here.”

Liberal Arts Learning

Although Elisha's major means most of her classes are in the "hard sciences," Drury's liberal arts background allows her to take a broader range of classes. 

“Even if I didn’t, at the time, fully appreciate the classes I took outside of my major, they have made me more well-rounded and able to think broadly and critically,” she says.

Drury’s CORE curriculum provides this exposure to all students, including those in the sciences, encouraging growth in areas outside of their fields, such as the humanities and social sciences, art, and foreign language. 

Important Connections

Whenever Elisha was looking for an internship, her professors helped her out not once, but twice.

Elisha has completed two research internships - one at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and one at Emory University, which served as her Honors Colloquium. These internship experiences allowed Elisha to more intensely study research opportunities that interested her in a hands-on environment. She has gained professional experience and skills that will aid her in the future. 

“Get to know your professors,” Elisha urges. “They are great resources for whatever you may need.”