Drury Spotlight: Christopher Kennedy '99

“To thine own self, be true.”

That is the lesson that Christopher Kennedy learned during his time at Drury. A ’99 alum, Christopher strives to do his best and do what makes him happy. With the help of the Hammons School of Architecture, he was able to pursue happiness with a career in interior design. “I realized that life was too short, and it’s important to do what you love and be true to yourself, so I launched my own company, and I haven’t looked back since.”

And although it's a long distance to travel from the sunny skies of Palm Springs, California's Coachella Valley to the familiar design studios of the Hammons School of Architecture, the trip is just a memory away for Christopher.

"I have great memories of the school of architecture and late nights there at the Hammons School of Architecture finishing up projects," Christopher recalls. "That’s definitely one I still remember, and interestingly, my life still hasn’t changed all that much. Just last week, I was working late on a presentation for a client and it was just like old days back at the Hammons School of Architecture.”

The California native earned his undergraduate degree in Architecture in 1999, and then went on to complete an MBA at Drury in 2000. He then returned to his home state of California, where he now owns his own successful interior design company.

Stepping Up as a Campus Leader

Besides architecture, Christopher also has many memories of being highly involved in school activities. Kennedy became a part of a fraternity at Drury and he was elected as the student body president.

“Drury taught me to look for the best in myself and to challenge myself," he says. "There were so many great opportunities. I never thought in high school that I would be student body president of my college. It was a happy surprise when it happened, and that really set me up for a lifetime of high achievement and expecting the best of myself.”

Experiencing Drury to Prepare for Life After College

For current Drury students, Christopher offers some words of advice on going through the college experience. He says to make the best of it because time will go by quickly and encourages students to get involved and take advantage of different opportunities college has to offer. 

“I think when you graduate there’s going to be thousands of students who are graduating in your major or in your field and if you can set yourself apart by what you did on campus, by being a critical thinker, by being an excellent speaker or by your writing skills, then I think that is what can really set you apart when you go to apply for a job after you leave Drury.”

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