Drury Spotlight: Christian Holzer

Meet Christian

Hometown: Holden, Missouri
Major: Architecture

Life As an Architecture Student

Holzer’s most memorable class is his architecture studio class. “Within the architecture department we call ourselves a family. We’ve gotten really close due to the all-night study sessions, finishing up our studio projects, and helping each other. We really want to see each other succeed,” Holzer says.

Architecture students are known for working diligently on their projects and assignments. Despite the time commitment an architecture student requires, Holzer still has time to be an involved student on campus.

“I am involved in Lambda Chi Alpha, where I served as exchange chair this past semester, and I am the president for this term. I also served as the freshman class senator in the Student Government Association, and I am vice president of inclusion this term. I am also involved in Drury Choral Ensembles and was in Drury Singers last semester,” Holzer says.

Transitioning to College 

Holzer has begun to discover what he wants to do and who he wants to be while making lifelong friends in college.

“While at Drury I have definitely changed as a person,” Holzer says.” In high school I was more introverted. Since I have come to college I have really opened up as a person. I have become the person I want to be when leave here -- outgoing and social.” 

“The thing I enjoy most about Drury is how many great friends I have made here. I have met so many great people and made so many connections. I honestly could not imagine myself anywhere else but Drury right now.”