Drury Spotlight: Charles Woods

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Seymour, Missouri 

A Small School Experience

Charles Woods came to Drury from a small high school.

Woods says, “There were 56 in my graduating class in high school, and most of us had been going to school together since elementary school or before.”

According to Charles, Drury students are able to know their classmates and make personal connections with their professors.

“All of my professors know me personally," he says. "They have the ability to figure out what kind of person I am, what my work ethic is, what my goals are, and who I am as an individual, not just as a student. I believe this is the number one benefit to attending Drury.”

Big Campus Involvement

Smaller class sizes allow Drury students to get to know one another and get involved, but the campus is large enough to offer plenty to keep active. Charles is involved in several organizations on campus.

He is currently the president of the Sigma Pi fraternity, president of Drury Allies, Dagger man to the Kappa Delta sorority, and member of the Student Union Board, the Psi Chi International Psychology Honor Society, the Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, and Alpha Lambda Delta.

With all of these activities, Charles has worked to find a balance to manage his academics and social life.

“The tricks are to have great time management skills and learn to say ‘no’ sometimes," he says. "Another important factor is to make sure to do homework at your earliest convenience. That doesn’t mean I don’t have lazy days or don’t binge watch Hulu Plus, I just do my homework before and make Hulu a reward. As far as a social life goes, it comes naturally to me. I love meeting new people and socializing.”

A Fit for Everyone

Drury is the right fit for most students – small enough that individuals matter and large enough that each person finds a place of service and community.