Drury Spotlight: Alex Flanagan

Majors: Biology and Chemistry
Hometown: Liberty, Missouri
Clubs & Organizations: Beta Beta Beta (biological honors society), Alpha Lambda Delta (Greek academic honors society), Pre-health Professions Club, Delta Delta Delta – vice president of public relations

The Drury Difference in Class

Even though Alex is majoring in biology and chemistry, she’s required to take classes in many different subject areas as part of the liberal arts education at Drury.

“The variety of classes I have taken has definitely prepared me for my future outside of college,” she says. “The curriculum has required me to take classes that challenge me in ways that my preferred science classes would not. The different classes have taught me how to think critically and apply that to any given situation.”

The small class sizes at Drury have allowed Alex to get to know her professors personally.

“For me, the number one benefit of going to Drury has been my relationships with my professors. I love that professors actually know their students personally and vice versa. Professors are aware of their students’ career goals and go out of their way to help them reach those goals. Also, all of my professors encourage students to meet with them outside of class and I feel like that is something big schools miss out on.”

The Drury Difference on Campus

For Alex, the Drury Difference doesn’t stop in the classroom.

“The thing I have enjoyed the most about Drury is the overall atmosphere when you walk anywhere on campus,” she says. Alex describes knowing the students she sees walking on Drury Lane, and being on a first-name basis with faculty and staff on campus, too.

As she nears the end of her time at Drury, Alex is realizing how short four years can be.

“No one is joking when they say your years in college fly by,” she says. “At Drury, I have learned to make the most of every day.”