Frequently Asked Questions - Transfer Students

What will transfer?

Drury accepts course work from regionally accredited U.S. colleges and universities, and from institutions of higher education abroad. Course work from non-accredited institutions, including trade schools and Bible colleges, is not transferable. All transcripts are evaluated course by course. Classes must be comparable in content to courses in the Drury curriculum to qualify as transferable credit. Courses which are not normally offered as part of a liberal arts program, such as clerical studies, will not transfer. The college will accept liberal arts courses that we do not teach such as all languages, home economics, and other areas if they support the student's liberal arts curriculum. Courses with grades of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 grade point scale will transfer. Grades are major determining factors for admission to the college and for transfer of credit. However, the grades will not become part of the Drury transcript or Drury grade point average. The Drury transcript will list credit for each course accepted.

The Advanced Standing Report

A transcript evaluation, or advanced standing report, is completed by the registrar's office for each transfer applicant. It lists the number of credit hours which will be accepted. It further states which of those classes will meet general education requirements for the bachelor of arts degree and which credit hours will count as elective credit (not required but counted as credit hours toward the degree). The report will include general course requirements still needed for a bachelor's degree.

The University catalog specifies which courses fulfill each major. If a student has courses toward a major program of study, the academic department for that major reviews the transcript(s) to determine which courses will fulfill the requirements for the major at Drury. The student's advisor will discuss with him/her the major requirements and general requirements during scheduling of classes.

How do I get an advanced standing report?

The advanced standing report is usually issued at the beginning of the first semester when the student meets with his or her academic advisor for class scheduling just prior to registration. However, you may request an advanced standing report at anytime in the admission process through the Office of Admission or the Office of the Registrar once your college transcripts have been received.