FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for admission?

To apply for admission to Drury fill out an application or Apply Online, submit high school transcripts, ACT and/or SAT scores, counselor recommendation form and essay. Once your file is complete the admission committee will review the application and make their decision within 3 to 4 weeks. We require students to have completed Algebra 1 & 2 and Geometry with a grade of C or better. For further information go to Apply to Drury University.

Do you accept advanced placement or college credit from dual enrollment?

Drury accepts advanced placement courses with a score of 3 to 4 depending on the class taken and dual enrollment courses taken from an accredited college with a grade of C or better. We do not have a limit on the number of credits we accept. Be sure to have your transcripts sent to the admission office in order to receive credit for the course work.

What is the average class size?

Drury's average class size ranges from 19 to 25 students with a student to teacher ratio of 11:1. Go to Quick Stats for general statistics about Drury.

What computer resources are available on campus?

Drury has 3 computer labs located in Springfield Hall. The labs are open 24 hours per day 7 days per week with user support available. Wireless service is also available across the campus. Many of the departments have computers available for students to use or even a separate lab such as the Architecture CAD lab, Education lab, Foreign Language lab, Computer Science lab and the library. There are 2 computer hook-ups in each dorm room so each student can bring their own computer if they have one. Computer equipment is upgraded every 2 years so students have access to the latest equipment. 

What kinds of courses are available in my major?

Visit Undergraduate Majors & Programs at Drury to see the courses that are available for you.

Is there a foreign language requirement?

Drury does not require foreign language for admission to the university but recommends 2 courses be taken in high school. Once students are attending Drury they are required to take 2 semesters (6 to 8 credit hours) of a foreign language - we offer Spanish, Greek, German and French. Dual credit of a C or better will be accepted in order to meet this requirement.

What study abroad programs are available?

Drury's Study Abroad program is extremely active! More than 50% of students across all majors study overseas for a semester or summer. Some of the more popular programs are in London, Germany, Spain, Greece, and China. These 5 programs are also the same cost for tuition and room & board as Drury. Go to Study Abroad for a list of programs.

Is there an honors program or college?

Students are eligible to enter Drury's honors program if they score at least 27 on the ACT or 1220 on the SAT with a cumulative 3.5/4.0 high school GPA. This program requires students to take 9 additional hours selected from honors courses, a semester of community service and a senior seminar paper/presentation.



What is the estimated cost of one year including tuition, room & board, books and fees?

Drury's cost for the 2009-2010 school year is broken down as follows:
Annual Tuition (12-17 credit hours/semester) $18,600
Room & Board (150 meals/semester plan) $6,990
Student activity fee $269
Health fee $146
Orientation fee (one time charge) $145
Estimated Books & Supplies $1,000 (Architecture supplies will be extra)

To be eligible for all financial aid programs the FAFSA must be completed no later than April 1. Visit Annual Tuition & Fees for further information.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid. These forms are available January 1st of the year you will enter college. You can file the paper form or apply online at FAFSA, which is processed much faster. You can use estimated tax information from the previous year or wait until you file your taxes to complete the form. We recommend you file as early as possible in order to take advantage of all the financial aid opportunities available. Students only need to file one FAFSA form. You can list up to 6 colleges on the form to have financial information sent. Once you have been accepted, financial aid packages will be figured around mid-April. Visit Drury's FAFSA Financial Aid Page for more detailed information.

What scholarships are available and how do I apply for them? Are they renewable?

Drury has many scholarship opportunities for students. We do not have separate applications for most of our academic scholarships so they are awarded based on information taken from application materials such as ACT/SAT score, GPA and class rank. To be eligible for the scholarships, students must have applied to Drury and been accepted prior to the scholarship deadline. We recommend students apply to DU by February 1st in order to meet most deadlines. Go to Scholarship Information & Deadlines for a list of scholarship opportunities, eligibility and deadlines. Link to the scholarship web page for specifics on the additional materials needed.



What kinds of clubs or organizations do you have on campus? What do they do?

Drury offers many clubs and organizations for students to become involved with - departmental clubs, religious clubs, sororities/fraternities, student government, competitive clubs, intramural sports, cheerleading and honor societies to name a few. Go to Student Life to browse through the web pages and find out more about each organization.

Do you have intramural sports? What sports are available? Who can participate?

Drury students are very active in intramural sports! Drury offers Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball, golf and men’s lacrosse to any student that wants to participate. Go to Intramural Sports for further details.

What do students do on the weekend? What events do you have on campus?

There are a variety of options for Drury students on the weekends. The Student Union Board, also known as SUB, coordinates activities throughout the year, including movies, lectures, art shows, dances, concerts, tournaments, trips and festivals. Go to Students Life webpage for more information on student activities. Many students also spend time supporting our 6 men's and 7 women's sports teams. Check out the Athletics page for information on upcoming sports events.

What recreational and cultural opportunities are in the area (shopping, movies, concerts)?

Drury is located in Springfield, Missouri, which is the 3rd largest city in the state. Springfield has many different dining experiences, movies, sporting events, concerts, symphony, natural attractions, lakes and rivers, theatre productions, shopping malls and outlets. Go to About Springfield for details about life in the Springfield community.



What are the housing options on campus?

Drury has 3 residence halls: Smith Hall, Wallace Hall and Sunderland Hall, which houses our LLC’s (you must complete an additional application to live in the LLC’s). All three buildings are co-ed by building, but single gender floors within the buildings are available upon request. Each room is equipped with a micro-frig, 1-2 computer connections, one phone line and cable connection. College Park is also available to students that have earned at least 30 credit hours. It has cluster apartments (4br), houses (4br), cottages (3br), and studio apartments (4br). Preference is given by credit hour so seniors get first choice. There are also four fraternity houses (Kappa Alpha, Sigma Pi, Lambda Chi, and Sigma Nu) available to members for campus living. Students are required to live on campus until they are 21 years old unless they can commute from home or are married. Go to Residential Life for further details.

What internship opportunities are available?

Internships are an integral part of the educational experience at Drury. On average, about 65 students complete internships each semester. Students interned at sites such as the Animal Health Center, Bank of America, 417 Magazine, the Environmental & Energy Study Institute, Kansas City Chiefs, PGA Tour, Smith Barney Citi, The United Nations Development Programme, the Office of Representative Todd Tiahrt, Prudential Financial and the Mayors Commission on Human Rights.

Is there a career center? What services does the career center offer?

Drury's Career Center encourages students to come in beginning their freshman year. They provide career counseling and computer programs to help narrow down career choices. Once students decide on a major, the Career Center offers internships locally, nationally and internationally. Seniors can use the Career Center to help put together their resumes and find job search tools. Ninety-seven percent of Drury graduates are employed including 31% attending graduate school. Go the Career Center for further details.

What steps is the University taking to make the campus safe?

The Springfield area in general has a low crime rate. Security officers are on campus 365 days per year 24 hours per day. They are available to walk students to/from classes or parking lots when needed. I.D. cards allow any student to have access to the lobby of the residence halls. To have access to the hallways and dorm rooms, a student must be a member of that residence hall otherwise someone will have to let them in. Parking lots for residential students are located next to the residence halls. Go to Security & Safety for campus crime statistics.

How easy is it to get around on campus?

Drury is located on approximately 90 acres. The campus is set up along Drury Lane so most of the buildings are easy to walk to in 5 or 10 minutes. College Park and the Fraternity Houses are located across the street from campus and are the furthest buildings away. We encourage you to take our Virtual Tour for a complete tour with pictures. This will show you the layout of the campus.

Can freshmen have cars on campus?

Freshmen are allowed to have cars on campus. Parking at Drury is free. Students need to register their car and get a window sticker for either residential or commuting lots when they register for classes in the summer.

What transportation is available in the area (airport, taxi, bus)?

The Springfield-Branson Regional Airport is located just 20 minutes west of the Drury campus. Go to Springfield-Branson Regional Airport for a list of airlines and further details. Taxis are available as well as the City Bus System, Greyhound Bus Lines and Jefferson Lines.

Are part-time jobs available on or off campus?

Any Drury student is eligible to work on or off campus. Students can apply for on-campus jobs through the Human Resources office and find a list of openings online. There are many job opportunities for students both on and off campus. With students graduating and studying abroad, job openings rotate often.