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Drury University Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of between 20 and 40 members, the number being determined from time to time by the Board. Trustees are elected by the existing Board. Each trustee serves for a term of four years and may be re-elected for subsequent terms.

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In addition to the voting members of the Board, there are provisions for Emeritus Trustees and Life Trustees. Trustees who have served with distinction on the Board may, with the consent of the trustee, be approved by a majority vote of trustees as Emeritus Trustees. A former trustee may be designated a Life Trustee if he/she has demonstrated (1) proven devotion and dedication to higher education, especially to the University; (2) outstanding service and assistance to the president and his staff; and (3) unusual and outstanding stewardship of resources on behalf of the University. Emeritus Trustees and Life Trustees may attend and participate in meetings of the Board, but they have no vote.

The president of the university also serves on the Board as an ex-officio member, and the academic division chairs serve as non-voting faculty representatives to the Board.

Responsibilities & Authority

The Board of Trustees has ultimate institutional authority, having and exercising those powers and duties prescribed by law, by the Bylaws, and by the Articles of Association. These responsibilities include the authority to:

  • Appoint the president of the university.
  • Determine the course of study and instruction to be pursued in the university or any of its departments.
  • Ordain the necessary bylaws and regulations for the government and direction of all officers, instructors, students and servants of the university and for the general management of all its affairs.

Meetings & Operations

The trustees meet as a full Board two times each year, once in the fall and once in the spring. An executive committee, consisting of the officers of the Board, the chairs of all Board committees, and two at-large members, supervises the affairs of the university between meetings of the full Board. The Board also operates through a series of standing committees (besides the executive committee) including committees on finance, investments, academic affairs, student affairs, board organization, buildings and grounds, athletics, and CCPS.

Drury's Board of Trustees is comprised of dedicated professionals with demonstrated success in their chosen fields, a passion for Drury, and a commitment to Drury's ongoing success.