Judge Warren White Scholars

About Judge Warren White

Warren L. White graduated from Drury in 1904. His father, John Turner White, was one of the first students enrolled in Drury, graduating in 1878. His son, Warren D. White, also graduated from Drury in 1936.

After graduation, Warren L. White was employed first by a telephone company. He then studied law in his father's office. After passing the bar examination, he married Miss Minerva Dana of Nipomo, Calif. He then established a law practice in Springfield. From 1912 until 1916, he served as an assistant prosecuting attorney under Sam M. Wear. In 1924, at the urging of friends, he ran for and was elected to the position of circuit court judge in Division II of Greene County. His father had been elected to the Missouri State Supreme Court in 1922. This relationship resulted in some facetious speculation as to whether the father would turn the son over his knee if it became necessary to reverse the son's errors.

An event that occurred in his court was a criminal case in which the defendant was convicted of stealing motor vehicles. The conviction was reversed by the Supreme Court on a technical matter after the defendant had served part of the sentence. When the trial was rescheduled, the defendant decided to plead guilty because he thought Judge White would probably let him off with the time already served. This was in spite of contrary advice from his lawyers. Judge White sentenced him to six and a half years, the difference between the time already served and the sentence recommended by the original jury. The defendant protested that he was in bad health and could not possibly serve out a six and a half year sentence. Judge White responded, "Well, do the best you can."

Judge White was reelected for six consecutive terms totaling 36 years. This reflected a widespread respect and admiration for his insightful and dispassionate judgments, coupled with his droll sense of humor and deep understanding of human nature. He retired in 1960 at the age of 75 and died on New Year's Day in 1964 at the age of 79. This prize has been established in his honor to reward the achievement of academic excellence by first year students regardless of race, creed, sex or financial status.

The Judge Warren L. White Scholars

The Judge White scholars are students with the highest grade point average after the completion of the first year at Drury. The outstanding students receive a stipend and designation as the Judge Warren L. White Scholars.

Maisie Baldwin
Jared Bishop
Hannah Cook
Sara Cook
Abigail Delawder
Humberto Detrinidad Arguello
Irene Detrinidad Arguello
Paulina Doran
Jonas Gassmann
Heather Gladfelter
Taylor Hand
Taylor Kleier
Mallory Long
Sarah Metz
William Pearl
Daniel Richards
Rachel Ryan
Mikaela Speakes
Jessica Tay
Tessa Tilton
Casey Vaclavik

The Judge White scholars are students with the highest grade point average after the completion of the first year at Drury. The outstanding students receive a stipend and designation as the Judge Warren L. White Scholars.



Maisie Ann Baldwin
Jared Steven Austin Bishop
Hannah Rae Cook
Sara Michelle Cook
Abigail Owen Delawder
Humberto Josue Detrinidad Arguello
Irene Yessenia Detrinidad Arguello
Paulina Marie Doran
Jonas Alexander Gassmann
Heather Lyn Gladfelter
Taylor William Hand
Taylor Jennae Kleier
Mallory Elizabeth Long
Sarah Nicole Metz
William Mark Pearl
Daniel Charles Richards
Rachel Paige Ryan
Mikaela Elizabeth Speakes
Jessica Ellyn Tay
Tessa Beryl Tilton
Casey Alexandra Vaclavik

Xiao Chang
Emily Virginia Cline
Ashley K. Coons
Ashley Darlene Cunningham
Brooke Elizabeth Foster
Laura Agnes Gaughan
Mitchell Scott Gibbons
Shelby Nicole Hatz
Rachel Catherine Hutchison
Kaleigh Marie Jurgensmeyer
Shelby Elizabeth Larson
Caitlin Rebecca Lauer
Parker Scott LiaBraaten
Deborah Peana
Nathaniel Alan Pearl
Airika Danielle Poivre
Ashleigh Ann Spalding
Chelsea Layne Staab
Lucas Samuel Tebbe
Jing Yi Wang
Carlos-Xavier Zambrano

Ashton Nanette Allcorn
Katherine Marie Battalia
Yuge Bian
Claire Elise Bryant
Casey Ann Carroll
Brandon Thomas Eller
McKenna Rae Feltes
Bradley Richard Hollenbeck
Jeremy Russell Jobes
Kelsey Lynn Kleier
Caitlin Marie Krebs
Brendan Joseph Langford
Erin Michelle Love
Allison Meghan Nevels
Devin Leigh Parrish
Scott Christopher Robinson
Nicholas Alexander Thimesch
Sarah Elizabeth Venable
Emily Grace Westenberg

Weston Michael Bird
Molly Clarissa Brown
Jessica Lynn Carrick
Justin Cain Cordova
Kaylee Elizabeth Dillard
Tiffany Candice van Dongen
Amanda Kate Gingras
Cynthia Breanne Lombardo
Emily Louise Mientus
Sayan Patra
Samantha Nicole Rose
Shay Andrea Sechler
Khalil Takkoush

Spencer David Anderson
Molly Katherine Bly
Jaclyn Kristine Cantrell
Heather Anne Carrel
Riley Elizabeth Citron
Alexandra Kay Duello
Samantha Nicole Gripka
Taylor Russell Harms
Lisa Renne Hellmich
Isaac Boyd Henson
Lindsay Alanna Johnson
Jason Michael Kester
Mary Elizabeth Latch
Jacob David Taylor McCully
Corinne Rachelle McEwen
Shanna Rochelle Nelson
Colleen Michelle Pickett
Virginia Ann Rogers
Katrina Morgan Westhoff
Jenessa Rose Whipple

Quinton Louis Aiken
Alyssa Anne Allcorn
Blake Michael Bodendorfer
Yacine Chettouh
Kelly Eileen Crowe
Angelah Jean Crumm
Audrey Lynn Davis
Molly Ashton Hague
Robert Reid Hearn
Catherine Anne Jones
John Steven Miller
Joshua Keith Mullins
Kyle Matthew Myers
Nicholas Patrick Pallo
Keasha Nicole Restivo
Brittany Marie Ryzkiewicz
Thomas Andrew Stone
Kelsey Elizabeth Ward
Tia Anne Marie Young

Kelly Kathleen Ahern
Victor Osita Akunyili
Beau Alan Beattie
Jessica Katelyn Bjorklund
Greta McDowell Brown
Stephanie Lynn Cowherd
Jason Edward Denney
Amanda Suzanne Foster
Matthew David Frierdich
Jennifer Gayle Goodwin
Kathryn Lee Harman
Lindy Noelle Harp
Thu Thi Minh Ngo
Brenda Patricia Noland
Derek Lee Smith
Erica Lois Wunderlich

Jessica Leigh Allison
Sonya Rachelle Burch
Sarah Elizabeth Davis
Craig D. Dunseth
Rohit Handa
Russell Celestus Hollander
Hannah Marie Hughes
Lucas Theodore Lenci
Sarah Christine Polen
Christine Marie Prosser



Michelle Renee Anderson
Amanda Ann Chappell
Sarah Joyce Christensen
Ryan Eugene Denney
Rachel Margaret Dunn
Amy Lee Ehlers
Jessica Rene' Gomez
Scott Wallace McMurray
Shane Wallace Miller
Lauren Michelle Mitchael
Stuart Thomas Morris
Katherine Elizabeth Oglesby
Komal Rastogi
Bryan Douglas Reaves
Heather Marie Sims
Rebekah Joy Soto

Sarah Elizabeth Allcorn
Laura McCrone Bergman
Christopher Brownsworth
Cole Edward Denton
Jessica Renee Duncan
Ashley Christine Ekiss
Brandon Thomas Ferrell
Brandy Jean Gordon
Candice Lynn Haines
Will Houston Hickman
Jessica Meghan Kelly
Sarah Helen Leahy
Whitney Ann Manlove
Marcie Christine Rich
John Robert Schraft
Jenna Rome Simmons
Jessica Rae Stong
Bonni Nicole Welch
Krista Joy Willingham

Amy Gayle Belew
Jamie Marie Boone
Haddy Cheyenne Kreie
Sarah Cathryn Lacy
Candice Necole McClellan
Amanda Leigh Newton
Brooke Elaine Robertson
Meganne Sue Rosen
Clark Phillip Satterlee
Richard Augustus Seagrave, III
Erin Marissa M. Stone

Kofoworola Adeyemi
Sarah Marie Barb
Sara Dane Buck
Elizabeth Ann Bunch
Martha Christiansen
Jeremy Robert Clopton
Jerad Marshall Denton
Chad Douglas Forshee
Andrea Louise Fulks
Erin Michelle Hoemann
Shanna Renee Lassiter
Joshua Mark Matthews
Joanie Michelle Rich
Sarah Jeanine Richards
Becca Ann Steinert

Lynn Christine Behling
Cory John Bethmann
Carrie Ann DeLaquil
Julie Renee Detwiler
Katherine Ann Heckman
Nicole Rae Lierheimer

Wendy Mae Combs
Susan Lee Harding
Kristen Irene Keene
Kimberly Mae Kocian
Rebecca Louise Meyerkord
Randee Rae Riddle
Jacob Kraettli Thomas
Georgette Marie Wolz
Se Young Yoon

Carrie Elizabeth Cocklin
Kimberly Jeanette Roberts
Crystal Nicole White

Nancy Ann Coffman
Elizabeth Danielle Griffin
Stacey Lane Jones

Tracy Ann Haertling
Tara Kathleen Herring
Jennifer Lynn Tribo

Kaylea Marie Boutwell
Jason Grey Eagle Brooks
Kristin Annette Carter
Rhonda Ann Thomas
Minh-thu Ngoc Tran
Dena Kay Wisner

Christopher W. Maender
Robert Allen Pierce
Jill Allison Rackers

Abby Jean Bell
Heather Marie Hignite
Jason Andrew Weaver

Julie Aker
Lori Barnett

Adell Amos
Darren Baker
Shelby Lea
Tammy Singleton