Faculty Governance


J.Timothy Cloyd

Beth Harville
Interim Vice President and Provost

David Hinson
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Information Officer

Wayne Chipman
Executive Vice President for University Advancement

Judy Thompson
Vice President for Stewardship of Principle Gifts

Aaron Jones
Chief of Staff to the President

Scotti Siebert
Associate Vice President
Director of Human Resources

Tijuana Julian
Executive Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students

Kevin Kropf
Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management

Mark Fisher
Vic President & Director of Athletics

Rob Fridge
Executive Vice President of Administrative Services
Chief Financial Officer

Karen Cordes Spence
Core Curriculum Director
Associate Dean of Hammons School of Architecture 

Academic Affairs

Beth Harville 
Interim Vice President and Provost

Bruce Callen 
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs - Academic Operations
Directo ron 3-2 Engineering Dual-Degree Program

Peter Meidlinger
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs - Academic Quality

Marline Faherty
Director of Academic Affairs Support Services

Thomas Russo
Associate Dean for Study Abroad & International Programs

Cindy Jones

Annette Enloe
Associate Registrar
Data and Technology Manager

Kiley Garges
Associate Registrar
Advising Module Manager

Salia Manis
Associate Registrar
Policy and Procedure

Bryan Beatty
Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Eligibility

Rebecca Miller
Director of Pool Art Center
Director of Arts Administration Program

Penny Clayton
Director of Accounting Program
Accreditation Coordinator

Heejung Cromley
Director of International Support Services

Valerie Eastman
Director of 3-2 Occupational Therapy Program

William Garvin
Director of Library and Information Services

Erin Kenny
Director of the Teaching and Learning Center

Justin Leinaweaver
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Patricia McEachern
Director of the Forum on Animal Rights

Patrick Moser
Director of Writing Program and Writing Center

Karen Cordes Spence
Core Curriculum Director
Associate Dean of Hammons School of Architecture 

Daniel Ponder
Director of the Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship

Dan Prater
Director of Center for Nonprofit Communication

Richard Schur
Director of University Honors Program


Robert Weddle
Dean, Hammons School of Architecture

Karen Cordes Spence
Associate Dean, Hammons School of Architecture

Albert Korir
Interim Dean, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Laurie Edmondson
Dean, School of Education and Child Development

Steve Mullins
Interim Dean, Breech School of Business

Steve Mullins
Associate Dean, Breech School of Business

Allin Sorenson
Interim Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 

Kevin Henderson
Assistant Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Jennie Silva Brown
Assistant Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Regina Waters
Dean, Graduate College

Department Chairs

Stephen Bomgardner
(Interim), Fine and Performing Arts

Vickie Luttrell
Behavioral Sciences

Kevin Jansen

Scott Petrich

Jonathan Groves

Jo Van Arkel

Hue-Ping Chin

Keith Coates
Mathematics and Computer Science

Jeffrey VanDenBerg
Political Science

School of Architecture

Robert Weddle, Dean
Karen Spence, Associate Dean
Nancy Chikaraishi**
Jay Garrott
Bruce Moore
Maurizio Sabini
Traci Sooter

Marshall Arne***
David Beach
Keith Hedges
Panos Leventis
Gerard Nadeau
Yong Huang
Saundra Weddle

School of Business

Robin Sconce, Dean
Steve Mullins, Associate Dean
Penny Clayton
Clifton Petty
Gary Holmes
Charles Pettijohn
Janis Prewitt 
Kelley Nichols
Tiffany Cossey
Katlin Cundiff
Shannon McMurtrey
James Simmerman
Angie Adamick
Gary DeBauche

School of Education

Laurie Edmondson, Dean
Gail Slye
Ed Williamson
Natalie Precise
Kristofor Wiley
Peter “Asikaa” Cosgrove
Bonnie Tabor
Jane Doellin

College of Natural & Mathematical Sciences

  Albert Korir, Interim Dean
Kevin Jansen, Chair
Don Deeds
Kathy Carroll
Ioana Popescu
Wes Rowley
Phillip Stepp 
Morgan Presley
Michael Carter
 Chemistry & Physics
Scott Petrich, Chair
Mark Wood
Kenneth High 
Brant Hinrichs
Greg Ojakangas
Madhuri Manpadi
 Mathematics & Computer Science
Keith Coates, Chair
Carol Browning
Scott Sigman
Sergey Borodich
Robert Robertson* 
Scott Simmons
Christopher Branton

College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Allin Sorenson, Interim Dean

Kevin Henderson, Assistant Dean

Jennie Silva Brown, Assistant Dean

Fine & Performing Arts
Stephen Bomgardner, Interim Chair
Arts Administration
Rebecca Miller, Director
Art and Art History
Todd Lowery
Rebecca Miller
Blaine Whisenhunt
Jacqueline Warren (Part-time)
Carlyle Sharpe
Christina Claussen
Christopher Koch
Natalie Wlodarczyk
Julie Cassity 
James Davidson
Mick Sokol Robin Schraft
Behavioral Sciences
Vickie Luttrell, Chair
Valerie Eastman
Mary Utley
Patricia McEachern
Jennifer Silva Brown
Jana Bufkin
Jennie Long
Robin Miller
Dave Derossett
Rachael Herrington
Jonathan Groves, Chair
Charles Taylor
Rick Maxson
Greg Booker
Steve Carpenter
Charles DeBerry
Dan Prater
Brian Shipman
Languages & Literature
Jo Van Arkel, Chair
Patrick Moser
Elizabeth Nichols
Richard Schur
Katherine Gilbert
Tim Robbins**
Catherine Blunk
Kevin Henderson
Charlyn Ingwerson
Anthony Smith
History, Philosophy & Religion
Hue-ping Chin, Chair
Peter Browning
Teresa Hornsby
Shelley Wolbrink
Leah Blakey
Ted Vaggalis
David Goldbert
Jack Powers
Political Science
Jeffrey VanDenBerg, Chair
Elizabeth Paddock 
Daniel Ponder
Erin Kenny
William Garvin, Director
Katherine Bohnenkamper
Phyllis Holzenberg
Jacqueline Tygart
Holli Henslee

* Sabbatical/LOA Fall 2016
** Sabbatical Spring 2017
*** Sabbatical/LOA AY 2016-17