Engaged and Integrated Learning

As a liberal arts university dedicated to the mission of “liberating persons to participate responsibly in and contribute to a global community,” we believe in connecting students, faculty and staff in active learning experiences that positively impact the world around us. We find that when classroom study is combined with action it promotes enlightened thinking and inspires in us the desire to live lives of meaning and purpose.

Engaged Learning at Drury University

  • A required component of The Drury Core general education curriculum
  • Honors our commitment to effectively link liberal arts and sciences to the study of professional areas
  • Promotes increased confidence and a positive sense of self-value
  • Enhances student retention and more effectively aids in development of critical thinking skills
  • Leads to greater student satisfaction
  • A critical component for effectively preparing graduates for success

Because engagement and integration are inextricably connected when it comes to effectively preparing Drury graduates, the university has established Engaged and Integrated Learning as an experience that is distinctively Drury.


Connect student, faculty, staff and alumni in active learning experiences that intentionally combine theory and practice to make learning outcomes more impactful, while positively affecting local and global communities. The expressed result is for each student to leave Drury effectively equipped for success, with a defined sense of purpose and the desire to lead a life of meaning.

How Engaged and Integrated Learning Comes to Life at Drury

  • Our general education curriculum prepares students by emphasizing the global connections of all areas of study and by applied learning in local and global communities.
  • Students learn about the power of community by residing and learning with a group of peers with a common set of interests.
  • Internships offer the opportunity for students to get real-world experience to prepare them for successful professional careers after graduation.
  • Students are prepared to be responsible community citizens not only in the classrooms, but also throughout the Springfield community. 
  • Drury students have access to resources and programs that allow them to serve and engage with their community.
  • With an extensive global study abroad program, students experience applied learning in locations such as Greece, South Korea, Slovenia, England, Germany, China, France and more.