Master of Business Administration

MBA Curriculum

Drury's MBA comprises two parts: the leadership core and the track/emphasis. The leadership core includes eight courses (24 credit hours) that integrate and represent the major disciplines in business administration. All MBA students complete these courses:

MBA 661: Corporate Investment and Valuation 3 hours.
MBA 662: Strategic Advantage through Technology and Information. 3 hours.
MBA 664: Corporate Responsibility, Leadership and Ethics. 3 hours.
MBA 671: Strategic Organization and Human Resources Management. 3 hours.
MBA 672: Measuring and Reporting Financial and Statistical Information. 3 hours.
MBA 673: Economics of Strategy. 3 hours.
MBA 674: Understanding and Serving Customers and Markets. 3 hours.
MBA 682: Global Business, New Ventures and Innovation. 3 hours.

In addition to the leadership core, MBA students complete six hours of elective credit (normally two courses). Elective courses are normally taught during the spring and summer terms.