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MBA Curriculum

Drury’s MBA program curriculum consists of a 30 credit hour course requirement, customizable based on students’ needs. In addition to coursework, other program highlights include:

  • A weeklong trip to an international business destination as part of the Global Business, New Ventures and Innovations course. Airfare, lodging, and transportation costs for the trip come at no additional cost to students (students who transfer credit into the MBA program will be charged a program fee for this travel between $495 and $1000-depending on the number of hours transferred).
  • A mentorship program in which students learn from individuals from the Springfield business community as they build their professional network.

The program can be completed in one year, with options for two to four year sequences also available. All courses take place in the evening.

Prospective students who have not completed their prerequisite coursework may enroll in the Certificate in Business Essentials program, during which students can satisfy all course requirements in a short summer session prior to the fall semester.

Orientation / Live-in Weekend

A unique feature of the Drury MBA program is the requirement that everyone admitted to the program participate in an orientation session, which involves overnight scheduling. Orientation activities include course preparation, advising and team-building exercises. Students are required to pay an orientation fee.

Program Assessment

Each year the administration of the Breech School of Business conducts an assessment of educational outcomes in the MBA program as measured against the Program Mission and Goals. This assessment includes faculty observation of student performance in the classroom and evaluation of written case analyses.

The Curriculum

Drury’s MBA comprises two parts: the leadership core and electives. The leadership core includes eight courses (24 credit hours) that integrate and represent the major disciplines in business administration.

All MBA students must complete these courses:
MBA 661: Corporate Investment and Valuation
MBA 662: Strategic Advantage through Technology and Information
MBA 664: Corporate Responsibility, Leadership and Ethics
MBA 671: Strategic Organization and Human Resources Management
MBA 672: Measuring and Reporting Financial and Statistical Information
MBA 673: Economics of Strategy
MBA 674: Understanding and Serving Customers and Markets
MBA 682: Global Business, New Ventures and Innovation

In addition to the leadership core, MBA students complete six hours of elective credit (normally two courses). Elective courses are normally taught during the spring and summer terms.

MBA 654: Cyber Risk Management
MBA 655: Fundamentals of Information Security
MBA 656: Hacker Tools and Techniques
MBA 657: IT Legal Issues in Cyber Security
MBA 690: Selected Topics